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Health and Safety in the Textiles Classroom
Health and Safety in the Textiles Classroom Missing word
Smart Materials
Smart Materials Match up
Textiles techniques
Textiles techniques True or false
Final Design Textiles Plenary
Final Design Textiles Plenary Random wheel
Natural or Synthetic?
Natural or Synthetic? Group sort
Cotton impact - Fact checker
Cotton impact - Fact checker True or false
Plenary Quiz
Plenary Quiz Quiz
Yr 7 Textiles : Cushion Project
Yr 7 Textiles : Cushion Project Wordsearch
Materials ;)
Materials ;) Airplane
Name the tool
Name the tool Open the box
Standard Plenary
Standard Plenary Random wheel
Anaemia Open the box
Textiles key words
Textiles key words Match up
Practical plenary
Practical plenary Random wheel
Camera Parts
Camera Parts Labelled diagram
Metal,Belt Driven,Center Lathe
Metal,Belt Driven,Center Lathe Labelled diagram
Nutrients Find the match
Materials 2
Materials 2 Wordsearch
Technical Materials
Technical Materials Anagram
Key word recap
Key word recap Flip tiles
Bingo Termau Tecstilau
Bingo Termau Tecstilau Random wheel
Osteoporosis Match up
Vitamins Match up
sonia Match up
Foods Around The World Country Picker!
Foods Around The World Country Picker! Random wheel
grown, reared, caught
grown, reared, caught Group sort
6rs of sustainability
6rs of sustainability Match up
Hardwood vs. Softwood Trees
Hardwood vs. Softwood Trees True or false
words used in carpentry
words used in carpentry Wordsearch
Food sources
Food sources Group sort
Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning Quiz
Nutrients & their function
Nutrients & their function Match up
Types of vegetables
Types of vegetables Group sort
Kitchen Safety Starter
Kitchen Safety Starter Labelled diagram
Seasonal Foods (Fruits & Vegetables)
Seasonal Foods (Fruits & Vegetables) Group sort
Recap! Random cards
Engineering Match up
Nutrition and the Eat Well plate
Nutrition and the Eat Well plate Quiz
material types STP
material types STP Group sort
Tool identification
Tool identification Match up
Food and Nutrition
Food and Nutrition Quiz
Food Labels
Food Labels Match up
Timber process
Timber process Match up
Staple Foods Lesson
Staple Foods Lesson Random wheel
Drawing types
Drawing types Random wheel
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