Key Stage 1 English Alphabet

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English alphabet
English alphabet Match up
Alphabet Random cards
Alphabet Match up
alphabet-capitals Flip tiles
Alphabet Unjumble
Alphabet Unjumble Unjumble
ks1 Random wheel
English Alphabet
English Alphabet Random wheel
Alphabet Unjumble
Alphabet missing letters 1
Alphabet missing letters 1 Missing word
Alphabet missing letters 2
Alphabet missing letters 2 Missing word
Sequence the Alphabet
Sequence the Alphabet Unjumble
Suffixes -ful, -less
Suffixes -ful, -less Match up
blending cvc
blending cvc Flip tiles
Phase 1 rhyming words
Phase 1 rhyming words Group sort
Synonyms game
Synonyms game Match up
past tense verbs
past tense verbs Quiz
Alphabet Fruit
Alphabet Fruit Rank order
CVC photos
CVC photos Open the box
Adjectives Random wheel
missing conjunction
missing conjunction Missing word
Alternative pronunciation of 'o'
Alternative pronunciation of 'o' Group sort
Gruffalo Quiz
Gruffalo Quiz Quiz
Adverbs Random wheel
Proper and Common Nouns
Proper and Common Nouns Group sort
TO BE Categorize
2nd, 3rd & mixed conditionals
2nd, 3rd & mixed conditionals Random wheel
Autumn Memory Game
Autumn Memory Game Conveyor belt
Match the emotion to pictures
Match the emotion to pictures Find the match
past tense suffix rules
past tense suffix rules Group sort
Sentence Starters
Sentence Starters Random wheel
Nouns Group sort
Colours Labelled diagram
cvc words
cvc words Find the match
Alphabet train (K to Z)
Alphabet train (K to Z) Balloon pop
first four letters alphabet
first four letters alphabet Matching pairs
phase 2 tricky words pairs
phase 2 tricky words pairs Matching pairs
Sight Words
Sight Words Random wheel
Alphabet  train (A-J)
Alphabet  train (A-J) Balloon pop
ck flip tiles
ck flip tiles Flip tiles
Seasons Group sort
contractions Match up
instructions wash hands
instructions wash hands Match up
Alphabet Matching pairs
phase 3 tricky words 29.11
phase 3 tricky words 29.11 Flip tiles
/ph/ alternative matching pairs
/ph/ alternative matching pairs Matching pairs
Random wheel alphabet for alliteration
Random wheel alphabet for alliteration Random wheel
plurals Random wheel
sh, ch, th
sh, ch, th Match up
Conjunctions Random wheel
suffix matching
suffix matching Match up
CVC reveal word flip tiles
CVC reveal word flip tiles Find the match
Categorize adjectives
Categorize adjectives Categorize
Gruffalo Pairs
Gruffalo Pairs Matching pairs
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