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Elements of Art wordwall
Elements of Art wordwall Match up
Pattern Match up SEN
Pattern Match up SEN Match up
Australian Art
Australian Art Find the match
Guernica - Symbolism
Guernica - Symbolism Match up
Monoprinting Random wheel
Art Words 1
Art Words 1 Match up
Colour equations
Colour equations Find the match
DIRT wheel of fortune
DIRT wheel of fortune Random wheel
What is creativity?
What is creativity? Match up
Line Drawing of a SHELL
Line Drawing of a SHELL Rank order
Formal Elements
Formal Elements Match up
Formal Elements Flip tiles
Formal Elements Flip tiles Flip tiles
Modern Art Movements
Modern Art Movements Crossword
Modern Art Movements
Modern Art Movements Wordsearch
Art mediums match up
Art mediums match up Match up
Celf- Kandinsky
Celf- Kandinsky Random wheel
Damian Hirst pairs
Damian Hirst pairs Matching pairs
Britto Wordwall
Britto Wordwall Quiz
Types of Portraiture
Types of Portraiture Crossword
The Colour Wheel - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
The Colour Wheel - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Labelled diagram
Clearing up paintings
Clearing up paintings Random wheel
Opera Company Roles
Opera Company Roles Find the match
Asignaturas Match up
Y8 Films Flip tiles
Y8 Films Flip tiles Find the match
Impressionism Simple tiles
school subjects
school subjects Find the match
Artists pair match
Artists pair match Matching pairs
Y8 Film Quiz
Y8 Film Quiz Quiz
Asignaturas Match up
Match up homophones
Match up homophones Match up
pynciau ysgol
pynciau ysgol Match up
Artsits and their paintings
Artsits and their paintings Find the match
Connectives Wheel
Connectives Wheel Random wheel
Los Paises
Los Paises Match up
Future irregular verbs
Future irregular verbs Find the match
CLC St 28 prepositions
CLC St 28 prepositions Flip tiles
Films match up
Films match up Match up
wheel Random wheel
CLC Vocab 6
CLC Vocab 6 Quiz
Present tense 2
Present tense 2 Flip tiles