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Random wheel1 Chores
Random wheel1 Chores Random wheel
Spanish weather Matching up
Spanish weather Matching up Unscramble
Spanish Speaking Countries
Spanish Speaking Countries Whack-a-mole
Spanish Speaking Countries
Spanish Speaking Countries Whack-a-mole
Say the number in Spanish
Say the number in Spanish Random wheel
las mascotas
las mascotas Random wheel
Spanish questions and fillers
Spanish questions and fillers Conveyor belt
Sounds in Spanish
Sounds in Spanish Airplane
Ordena los números 1-10
Ordena los números 1-10 Rank order
Y9 L2 House chores
Y9 L2 House chores Match up
the spanish armada
the spanish armada Whack-a-mole
Spanish transport JD
Spanish transport JD Match up
Spanish Colours wordwall
Spanish Colours wordwall Wordsearch
by Anonymous
Correct sounds in Spanish
Correct sounds in Spanish Whack-a-mole
familia Matching pairs
Spanish Jobs - true or false!
Spanish Jobs - true or false! True or false
school subjects spanish wordsearch
school subjects spanish wordsearch Wordsearch
by Anonymous
spanish companies
spanish companies Flip tiles
by Anonymous
Y6 Spanish repaso
Y6 Spanish repaso Flip tiles
by Anonymous
Mod 1 - Paises Europeas
Mod 1 - Paises Europeas Crossword
Spanish languages quiz STH
Spanish languages quiz STH Find the match
by Anonymous
La Comida
La Comida Wordsearch
Random Spanish Words
Random Spanish Words Flip tiles
by Anonymous
Los verbos de opinión
Los verbos de opinión Match up
Barcelona adjectives
Barcelona adjectives Match up
Numeros en Espanol
Numeros en Espanol Whack-a-mole
Jobs vocabulary (Spanish)
Jobs vocabulary (Spanish) Anagram
Spanish casa
Spanish casa Labelled diagram
time phrases
time phrases Match up
jugar o hacer
jugar o hacer Group sort
hago o juego
hago o juego Group sort
Spanish adjectives flip tiles
Spanish adjectives flip tiles Find the match
Numbers 21-100 - tens
Numbers 21-100 - tens Wordsearch
The past tense - preterito
The past tense - preterito Whack-a-mole
Spanish bingo
Spanish bingo Open the box
Mis vacaciones
Mis vacaciones Categorize
Números 1-10
Números 1-10 Find the match
el desayuno
el desayuno Match up
Spanish colours
Spanish colours Conveyor belt
True or false - Cuba
True or false - Cuba Maze chase
Hola UKS2
Hola UKS2 Match up
la comida española
la comida española Conveyor belt
La comida 1
La comida 1 Anagram
Spanish jobs
Spanish jobs Anagram
MFL Yr 11 Spanish - random wheel
MFL Yr 11 Spanish - random wheel Random wheel
mi familia
mi familia Match up
en_mi_mochila Match up
TVAMFL: 9T L1 Word magnets