Year 10 Biology

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DNA Labelled diagram
Label a mitotic cell
Label a mitotic cell Labelled diagram
Process of aerobic respiration
Process of aerobic respiration Missing word
Label a plant cell
Label a plant cell Labelled diagram
Cell division
Cell division Match up
animal cell
animal cell Labelled diagram
Abiotic factor apparatus
Abiotic factor apparatus Gameshow quiz
Neurons Group sort
Cell Transport
Cell Transport Missing word
Mitosis stages (N5)
Mitosis stages (N5) Match up
Blood glucose regulation
Blood glucose regulation Missing word
Identifying Cell Types
Identifying Cell Types Labelled diagram
DNA (Higher)
DNA (Higher) Labelled diagram
The Heart
The Heart Find the match
Brain parts
Brain parts Labelled diagram
Cellular Respiration (N5)
Cellular Respiration (N5) Random cards
Photosynthesis Find the match
Homozygous or heterozygous
Homozygous or heterozygous Group sort
Brain parts and function
Brain parts and function Match up
neurons (Label diagram)
neurons (Label diagram) Labelled diagram
Genetic engineering label the diagram
Genetic engineering label the diagram Labelled diagram
Cellular Respiration (N5)
Cellular Respiration (N5) Match up
DNA N4 quiz
DNA N4 quiz Gameshow quiz
Photosynthesis rate
Photosynthesis rate Group sort
B3.3a Food groups
B3.3a Food groups Match up
9-1 Digestion
9-1 Digestion Missing word
N5 Biotic factors
N5 Biotic factors Quiz
group sort - cell structures
group sort - cell structures Group sort
Aerobic Respiration (N4)
Aerobic Respiration (N4) Match up
Respiratory System
Respiratory System Labelled diagram
Cell Components
Cell Components Match up
Digestive enzymes
Digestive enzymes Quiz
Enzyme specificity
Enzyme specificity Group sort
heart parts (N5)
heart parts (N5) Unscramble
9-1 Food tests
9-1 Food tests Missing word
Photosynthesis rate quiz
Photosynthesis rate quiz Win or lose quiz
Stem Cell Key Words
Stem Cell Key Words Find the match
9-1 Digestive system labelling
9-1 Digestive system labelling Labelled diagram
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