Year 10 English

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Scary sentences
Scary sentences Unjumble
Now or regularly
Now or regularly True or false
Adverbs of frequency
Adverbs of frequency Open the box
What are they doing?
What are they doing? Gameshow quiz
How often do you...?
How often do you...? Random cards
Reported Speech Statements
Reported Speech Statements Quiz
Short stories
Short stories Match up
ESOL - Surfing Dogs
ESOL - Surfing Dogs Match up
Sailmaker Revision of Act 1
Sailmaker Revision of Act 1 Match up
Archaic Words
Archaic Words Find the match
Poetry: AQA
Poetry: AQA Group sort
103 Random wheel
Sports pictures PBT
Sports pictures PBT Match up
CLP- Simile or Metaphor
CLP- Simile or Metaphor Flip tiles
About Thanksgiving
About Thanksgiving Missing word
The Art of Advertising 1
The Art of Advertising 1 Open the box
MACBETH/AIC mixed matching pairs
MACBETH/AIC mixed matching pairs Matching pairs
Big Hero 6 Quiz
Big Hero 6 Quiz Match up
Future Quiz
Future Quiz Whack-a-mole
romeo and the simpsons
romeo and the simpsons Maze chase
ST 10 1.3 flashcards
ST 10 1.3 flashcards Flash cards
unscamble romeo and juliet
unscamble romeo and juliet Anagram
Vocabulary Game
Vocabulary Game Open the box
Higher education vocabulary
Higher education vocabulary Gameshow quiz
Food and drink
Food and drink Match up
Macbeth Quote Quiz
Macbeth Quote Quiz Maze chase
A Christmas Carol. Stave 3
A Christmas Carol. Stave 3 Unjumble
Fill in the gaps
Fill in the gaps Missing word
Gerald Sequencing
Gerald Sequencing Rank order
Mactbeth Act 1 Scene 1-2 13/01/22
Mactbeth Act 1 Scene 1-2 13/01/22 Flip tiles
Three clear ideas about...
Three clear ideas about... Random cards
Persuasive Speech
Persuasive Speech Match up
Sailmaker Act One Revision 2
Sailmaker Act One Revision 2 Match up
What do we wear?
What do we wear? Categorize
Personality discussion
Personality discussion Open the box
Parts of the house
Parts of the house Match up
Houses Anagram
Kitchen equipment
Kitchen equipment Wordsearch
Reported Speech Questions
Reported Speech Questions Gameshow quiz
Holiday questions...
Holiday questions... Random cards
Winter sport
Winter sport Labelled diagram
Language Techniques
Language Techniques Match up
GCSE English Language - Structure
GCSE English Language - Structure Crossword
 El Imperfecto
El Imperfecto Whack-a-mole
Clothes or not?
Clothes or not? Whack-a-mole
Shops Hangman
Find the jobs
Find the jobs Wordsearch
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