Year 2 English

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tion spellings
tion spellings Match up
Contractions Random wheel
Sentence types
Sentence types Match up
Conjunctions Random wheel
Free Time Activities
Free Time Activities Match up
How many syllables?
How many syllables? Group sort
ou match2
ou match2 Open the box
Art - What do we need
Art - What do we need Group sort
Animal abilities
Animal abilities Random wheel
Schwa words Matching pairs
Schwa words Matching pairs Matching pairs
suffixes Random wheel
Our, are or hour?
Our, are or hour? Random wheel
Anna Questions
Anna Questions Random wheel
P3 Conjunctions
P3 Conjunctions Match up
T5 Wk1 spelling
T5 Wk1 spelling Wordsearch
suffix ful defintion match
suffix ful defintion match Match up
el words
el words Anagram
u-e words
u-e words Wordsearch
Story Elements - Match up
Story Elements - Match up Match up
Figurative language
Figurative language Quiz
The Bog Baby
The Bog Baby Random wheel
Rooms and things
Rooms and things Labelled diagram
Playway2 dictionary
Playway2 dictionary Hangman
OPPOSITES 2 Crossword
ck or k
ck or k Whack-a-mole
oi and oy match
oi and oy match Find the match
ou words
ou words Wordsearch
o-e -match2
o-e -match2 Matching pairs
Adjectives Unit 13
Adjectives Unit 13 Gameshow quiz
Adding the suffix -ly
Adding the suffix -ly Random wheel
Matching pairs
Matching pairs Matching pairs
Year 2 Spellings
Year 2 Spellings Match up
Qua spinner
Qua spinner Random wheel
mb pic match
mb pic match Match up
ue aw oi phonemes
ue aw oi phonemes Random wheel
 ss pic match
ss pic match Match up
CITIES Open the box
Extra letters ks2
Extra letters ks2 Gameshow quiz
Spellings Random wheel
Weather and Clothes
Weather and Clothes Group sort
y match
y match Match up
o-e flip pics
o-e flip pics Flip tiles
Beach Match
Beach Match Matching pairs
Plural vs Possession
Plural vs Possession Quiz
there, their, they're
there, their, they're Random wheel
low sentences
low sentences Missing word
Year 2 CEW Words
Year 2 CEW Words Random wheel
Word Search qua words
Word Search qua words Wordsearch
Antonyms Random wheel
o-e words
o-e words Open the box
Bingo - Fruits and Vegetables
Bingo - Fruits and Vegetables Open the box
Oy words
Oy words Wordsearch
Anagram- adding suffix ful
Anagram- adding suffix ful Anagram
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