Year 7 French Hobbies

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S1 - Activité 9
S1 - Activité 9 Crossword
S1 - Activité 7
S1 - Activité 7 Match up
S1 - Activité 8
S1 - Activité 8 Match up
Y7 French - siblings
Y7 French - siblings Conveyor belt
Y7 Hobbies 爱好
Y7 Hobbies 爱好 Match up
Weather Match up
French time
French time
Dynamo 1 Module 1 Unit 1
Dynamo 1 Module 1 Unit 1 Find the match
Past Tense: Je forms
Past Tense: Je forms Match up
L'heure Group sort
Au café match up
Au café match up Match up
Personality Adjectives
Personality Adjectives Whack-a-mole
Transition 2019
Transition 2019 Match up
Vacances Match up
French Places in a Town Dynamo 1
French Places in a Town Dynamo 1 Match up
About me!
About me! Quiz
Sports Whack-a-mole
Hair and Eyes
Hair and Eyes Find the match
er verbs
er verbs Match up
les animaux match-up
les animaux match-up Labelled diagram
animals Whack-a-mole
TV more or less
TV more or less Unjumble
Je fais OU je joue?
Je fais OU je joue? Group sort
Y7 Connectives 1
Y7 Connectives 1 Find the match
Au café
Au café Match up
L'heure en francais
L'heure en francais Match up
Er verbs
Er verbs Whack-a-mole
Les Loisirs - Hobbies
Les Loisirs - Hobbies Labelled diagram
 Ma maison
Ma maison Match up
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