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Memória 9-10 - 2
Memória 9-10 - 2 Matching pairs
The Colour Wheel KS1 & 2
The Colour Wheel KS1 & 2 Labelled diagram
10 OKJ Memória
10 OKJ Memória Matching pairs
KS1 word classes
KS1 word classes Categorize
Autókereső Wordsearch
beadando Quiz
környezetismeret mező1
környezetismeret mező1 Find the match
Memória 9-10
Memória 9-10 Matching pairs
Kocsi kvíz
Kocsi kvíz Quiz
past tense suffix rules
past tense suffix rules Group sort
Promet 1.r-memory
Promet 1.r-memory Matching pairs
Getting to know you
Getting to know you Random wheel
Pronouns Match up
facial expressions
facial expressions Find the match
The uk for Ks1
The uk for Ks1 Labelled diagram
gruffalo vocabulary body parts
gruffalo vocabulary body parts Labelled diagram
Number bonds to 10
Number bonds to 10 Flip tiles
Matching pairs Christmas
Matching pairs Christmas Matching pairs
christmas quiz
christmas quiz Quiz
colours games
colours games Quiz
2nd, 3rd & mixed conditionals
2nd, 3rd & mixed conditionals Random wheel
Proper and Common Nouns
Proper and Common Nouns Group sort
food categories
food categories Group sort
Physical Features Quiz
Physical Features Quiz Quiz
Alive or not alive
Alive or not alive Whack-a-mole
House elem
House elem Labelled diagram
Man made and natural (synthetic) materials
Man made and natural (synthetic) materials Group sort
Telling the time
Telling the time Match up
Match the Months Up in Order
Match the Months Up in Order Match up
Group sort1 prefixes
Group sort1 prefixes Group sort
Classroom objects  spelling
Classroom objects spelling Random wheel
Guess the material
Guess the material Flip tiles
contractions Match up
Numbers 1-20
Numbers 1-20 Find the match
Household Objects 2
Household Objects 2 Labelled diagram
past tense verbs
past tense verbs Quiz
Planet Earth Quiz
Planet Earth Quiz Match up
Materials in a kitchen
Materials in a kitchen Labelled diagram
Aktivitetshjul Random wheel
Contractions flip tiles
Contractions flip tiles Find the match
Match up clothes 1
Match up clothes 1 Match up
Materials KS1
Materials KS1 Match up
Plurals Find the match
Computer parts and Functions
Computer parts and Functions Match up
Body: Dog
Body: Dog Labelled diagram
fruits and berries
fruits and berries Matching pairs
CVC word autumn 2 week 2
CVC word autumn 2 week 2 Flip tiles
Adverbs Random wheel
common exception words Friday
common exception words Friday Random wheel