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Grammar simple present tense
Grammar simple present tense Quiz
Grammar Do & Does
Grammar Do & Does Missing word
Nouns & Articles
Nouns & Articles Quiz
Grammar personal pronouns
Grammar personal pronouns Missing word
Adverbs of manner
Adverbs of manner Find the match
 Articles a/an 2
Articles a/an 2 Whack-a-mole
common noun
common noun Quiz
Greeting Find the match
W31 Theme
W31 Theme Hangman
Grammar ACTION VERBS Match up
 Punctuation Game
Punctuation Game Whack-a-mole
W25 Conjunction
W25 Conjunction True or false
Adverb of Manner (2)
Adverb of Manner (2) Unjumble
sounds Labelled diagram
Vegetables quiz
Vegetables quiz Balloon pop
proper noun and common noun
proper noun and common noun Group sort
Food quiz
Food quiz Image quiz
Grammar school things
Grammar school things Match up
Singular and Plural noun
Singular and Plural noun Group sort
 Taste of Food.
Taste of Food. Group sort
 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Memory Game
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Memory Game Matching pairs
penjodoh bilangan 11-15/10/2021
penjodoh bilangan 11-15/10/2021 Open the box
Fruits and their names
Fruits and their names Matching pairs
Local Fruits
Local Fruits Random wheel
05-Money Airplane
W25 Conjunctions
W25 Conjunctions Quiz
Adverb of place
Adverb of place Missing word
W29 Opposite
W29 Opposite Matching pairs
Flower parts
Flower parts Labelled diagram
Revision 5th July
Revision 5th July Random cards
English 1-25
English 1-25 Wordsearch
W32 Articles
W32 Articles Maze chase
Gardening tools
Gardening tools Quiz
Adverb of time
Adverb of time Wordsearch
My Internal Organs 1
My Internal Organs 1 Find the match
 Demonstrative Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns True or false
Countable & Uncountable nouns
Countable & Uncountable nouns True or false
W30 Theme
W30 Theme Whack-a-mole
W29 Culture
W29 Culture Match up
 articles a/an
articles a/an Group sort
Weather game
Weather game Matching pairs
S1 W2 Grammar Sounds
S1 W2 Grammar Sounds Group sort
Theme Occupation
Theme Occupation Labelled diagram
Appearance Wordsearch
DH 1&2 NAME Random wheel
Alphabet Match up
W33 Traditional clothes
W33 Traditional clothes Group sort
 Rearrange sentences (1).
Rearrange sentences (1). Unjumble
Healthy and unhealthy food
Healthy and unhealthy food Group sort
Plants and garden
Plants and garden Hangman
W26 All around Malaysia
W26 All around Malaysia Whack-a-mole
Senior recap for food
Senior recap for food Match up
 rubbish bin
rubbish bin Group sort
Storyline W11
Storyline W11 Quiz
 Wash Your Hands
Wash Your Hands Match up
Theme32 Wau
Theme32 Wau Labelled diagram
PUNCTUATION ( . ?) Missing word
W26  Past and present tense
W26 Past and present tense Quiz
W24 Continent or Ocean?
W24 Continent or Ocean? Group sort
garden and plants 2
garden and plants 2 Matching pairs
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