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Adding 5

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adding Random cards
Adding Open the box
Adding integers
Adding integers Airplane
Adding -ing
Adding -ing Gameshow quiz
Adding/Subtracting Random wheel
Prefixes Level 5
Prefixes Level 5 Match up
Adding Zero
Adding Zero Maze chase
Adding Doubles
Adding Doubles Find the match
 Adding Money
Adding Money Random wheel
Adding -ed
Adding -ed Whack-a-mole
Adding suffixes
Adding suffixes Whack-a-mole
Adding-Decimals Find the match
Adding -ing
Adding -ing Gameshow quiz
Adding-ing Match up
Adding Money
Adding Money Find the match
Adding Suffixes
Adding Suffixes Whack-a-mole
Adding Numbers
Adding Numbers Random wheel
+ 10 Adding
+ 10 Adding Balloon pop
Adding numbers Kinder
Adding numbers Kinder Whack-a-mole
Barton 5.2 Unscamble
Barton 5.2 Unscamble Unjumble
Adding to 20
Adding to 20 Open the box
Adding to  within 10
Adding to within 10 Find the match
Barton 5.1 Phrases Quiz
Barton 5.1 Phrases Quiz Gameshow quiz
Adding 10s and 1s
Adding 10s and 1s Random wheel
Adding 1-10
Adding 1-10 Balloon pop
Rules for Adding Integers
Rules for Adding Integers Gameshow quiz
Barton 5.1 Phrases
Barton 5.1 Phrases Flip tiles
Adding 2 Round
Adding 2 Round Random wheel
Adding and Subtracting Integers
Adding and Subtracting Integers True or false
Adding 1 and 2
Adding 1 and 2 Whack-a-mole
Adding (0-7)
Adding (0-7) Whack-a-mole
Jungle Snap Words 5
Jungle Snap Words 5 Random cards
Adding -s or -es Sort
Adding -s or -es Sort Group sort
Adding Doubles through 10+10
Adding Doubles through 10+10 Random cards
Adding 3 Numbers
Adding 3 Numbers Open the box
Adding to 1
Adding to 1 Find the match
SH Hangman
SH Hangman Hangman
Math: Adding and Subtracting
Math: Adding and Subtracting Gameshow quiz