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Easy prefixes and suffixes

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Prefixes and suffixes
Prefixes and suffixes Match up
6.2 Unjumble prefixes and suffixes
6.2 Unjumble prefixes and suffixes Unjumble
Prefixes/Suffixes Open the box
Prefixes Level 5
Prefixes Level 5 Match up
cial, tial, sion, tion words
cial, tial, sion, tion words Group sort
cial or tial words
cial or tial words True or false
s and es words
s and es words Group sort
Prefixes Match up
ed, s, es, and ing suffixes
ed, s, es, and ing suffixes Group sort
-est, -er, -en, and -ish
-est, -er, -en, and -ish Group sort
Vowel and Consonant Suffixes
Vowel and Consonant Suffixes Group sort
Prefixes Quiz
prefixes and roots
prefixes and roots Find the match
Ment and ty suffixes
Ment and ty suffixes Group sort
-ed sounds
-ed sounds Group sort
suffixes ing and ly
suffixes ing and ly Open the box
Suffixes -ing and -s
Suffixes -ing and -s Group sort
Suffixes Gameshow quiz
Suffixes(ed,ing,es/s) Whack-a-mole
10.5 Basewords and Suffixes
10.5 Basewords and Suffixes Random wheel
Prefixes Match up
Prefixes un- and re-
Prefixes un- and re- Balloon pop
tion and sion
tion and sion True or false
Prefixes Whack-a-mole
Suffixes and Latin Roots
Suffixes and Latin Roots Random wheel