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sonday sounds 1st
sonday sounds 1st Quiz
Cloze - Wilson 2.2  (Blends)
Cloze - Wilson 2.2 (Blends) Missing word
 number sequence
number sequence Missing word
 Match the BEGINNING Blends
Match the BEGINNING Blends Matching pairs
2D Shapes Sort
2D Shapes Sort Group sort
Unit 1-6-Review Trick Words
Unit 1-6-Review Trick Words Random wheel
Subtraction Gameshow quiz
 Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives
Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives Group sort
2D Shape Quick Check
2D Shape Quick Check Match up
2D vs 3D Shapes
2D vs 3D Shapes Whack-a-mole
Adding Doubles
Adding Doubles Find the match
Fundations Unit 11: Syllable Sort
Fundations Unit 11: Syllable Sort Group sort
Wilson 1.5 Sort
Wilson 1.5 Sort Categorize
Counting Coins in Isolation
Counting Coins in Isolation Match up
Vowel Teams
Vowel Teams Group sort
Place Value
Place Value Quiz
Read the Words February 22
Read the Words February 22 Balloon pop
Long Vowel Maze
Long Vowel Maze Maze chase
Long Vowel - Silent e
Long Vowel - Silent e Random cards
Compound Words
Compound Words Find the match
Long Vowels
Long Vowels Maze chase
ar and or sorting
ar and or sorting Group sort
Blends Gameshow quiz
Text Features
Text Features Labelled diagram
vowels Whack-a-mole
Missing Numbers
Missing Numbers Missing word
-ay or -ai
-ay or -ai Group sort
Pronouns Gameshow quiz
1st grade word scramble
1st grade word scramble Anagram
OU & OW Matching Game
OU & OW Matching Game Find the match
אוכל עם חיריק וקמץ
אוכל עם חיריק וקמץ Find the match
CVCC / CCVC words
CVCC / CCVC words Random wheel
-AU & -AW
-AU & -AW Hangman
Beginning Letter Sounds
Beginning Letter Sounds Random wheel
Read ee and ea words.
Read ee and ea words. Random wheel
Long O Whack-a-Mole Long /o/
Long O Whack-a-Mole Long /o/ Whack-a-mole
Vowel Teams- ai and ay
Vowel Teams- ai and ay Group sort
Pre Primer Dolch Words
Pre Primer Dolch Words Random cards
Making 10
Making 10 Whack-a-mole
Doubles Game
Doubles Game Find the match
Singular Plural Nouns--COPY
Singular Plural Nouns--COPY Group sort
Compound Words
Compound Words Whack-a-mole
Ending Blends Game Show Quiz!
Ending Blends Game Show Quiz! Gameshow quiz
First Grade Trick Words
First Grade Trick Words Missing word
Scrambled Sentences
Scrambled Sentences Unjumble
Long u
Long u Whack-a-mole
antonyms Unscramble
Bossy R Words
Bossy R Words Group sort
Word Problems 2 - Fluency
Word Problems 2 - Fluency Open the box
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