10th Grade English

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Sentence Vs. Fragment
Sentence Vs. Fragment Group sort
Introduction Questions
Introduction Questions Random wheel
Text Structure
Text Structure Maze chase
10th (S1) Vocab #3
10th (S1) Vocab #3 Balloon pop
 "Night" Ch. 2 Inference Activity
"Night" Ch. 2 Inference Activity Gameshow quiz
Where is it?
Where is it? Quiz
Introduction Paragraphs
Introduction Paragraphs Match up
Band III Vocabulary
Band III Vocabulary Missing word
Parallel Structure
Parallel Structure True or false
Antigone - Prologue
Antigone - Prologue Maze chase
top Quiz
Wanna Play? Bawal mag no
Wanna Play? Bawal mag no Maze chase
SENTENCE (10-2) Unjumble
What is Rhetoric !?
What is Rhetoric !? Gameshow quiz
Research Vocab
Research Vocab Matching pairs
Fill the blanks - Verbs
Fill the blanks - Verbs Quiz
משפטים Unjumble
power prefixes
power prefixes Random wheel
Prepositions Group sort
Rhetoric Study Tool
Rhetoric Study Tool Match up
 Unit 12 vocabulary
Unit 12 vocabulary Crossword
Word Wall Quarter 2 CARS
Word Wall Quarter 2 CARS Match up
TOEFL Vocab.4
TOEFL Vocab.4 Open the box
Completing Sentences
Completing Sentences Missing word
Marking Period One Bingo
Marking Period One Bingo Random wheel
Night Vocabulary
Night Vocabulary Match up
Module One Lesson One Myths
Module One Lesson One Myths Match up
Vocab 4/26
Vocab 4/26 Quiz
משחק זיכרון HLC
משחק זיכרון HLC Matching pairs
Vocabulary - 1963
Vocabulary - 1963 Match up
Pit bull wordsearch
Pit bull wordsearch Wordsearch
10th (S2) Vocab #2
10th (S2) Vocab #2 Balloon pop
word search
word search Wordsearch
Macbeth Plot Review
Macbeth Plot Review Group sort
Opinions Random wheel
Silly questions icebreaker
Silly questions icebreaker Random wheel
שאלות רנדומליות
שאלות רנדומליות Random wheel
Rhetorical devices
Rhetorical devices Match up
Computing Crossword
Just in case
Just in case Random cards
Test your knowledge 1
Test your knowledge 1 Match up
Leaving Home Questionnaire
Leaving Home Questionnaire Random cards
10th (S1) Vocab #4
10th (S1) Vocab #4 Balloon pop
phrasal verbs unit 7
phrasal verbs unit 7 Find the match
English project
English project Quiz
vocabulary game
vocabulary game Match up
Vocabulary Match up
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