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2nd Grade ESL / TEFL

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fun with words
fun with words Match up
Homophones Crossword
Chameleon Y
Chameleon Y Categorize
Was & Were Airplane
Was & Were Airplane Airplane
Subject Pronoun PacMan
Subject Pronoun PacMan Maze chase
I and Me Airplane
I and Me Airplane Airplane
Matching Sub/Pre
Matching Sub/Pre Match up
Is & Are Airplane
Is & Are Airplane Airplane
Parts of Speech PacMan (N,V,Adj)
Parts of Speech PacMan (N,V,Adj) Maze chase
Find the Telling Sentence
Find the Telling Sentence Whack-a-mole
Possesive Pronoun PacMan
Possesive Pronoun PacMan Maze chase
Sequencing: Ready for School
Sequencing: Ready for School Rank order
Nonfiction Main Topic
Nonfiction Main Topic Gameshow quiz
Which adjective does not belong?
Which adjective does not belong? Maze chase
3D Shapes Sort
3D Shapes Sort Match up
Letterland Unit 31
Letterland Unit 31 Match up
High Frequency Word Search
High Frequency Word Search Wordsearch
Letterland Unit 29
Letterland Unit 29 Match up
MD.5 & NBT.7 Quiz
MD.5 & NBT.7 Quiz Quiz
Letterland Unit 28
Letterland Unit 28 Match up
Story Elements
Story Elements Find the match
States of Matter Vocab
States of Matter Vocab Match up
Letterland Unit 32
Letterland Unit 32 Wordsearch
Letterland Unit 30
Letterland Unit 30 Group sort
Rhyming activity
Rhyming activity Match up
Polygon Sort
Polygon Sort Match up
Writing Prompts
Writing Prompts Random wheel
Letterland Unit 24
Letterland Unit 24 Group sort
Pronouns Whack-a-mole
Google Maps Sentences
Google Maps Sentences Word magnets
Seres vivos y seres inertes
Seres vivos y seres inertes Group sort
الضوء مصادر
الضوء مصادر True or false
Letterland Unit 33
Letterland Unit 33 Wordsearch
spelling words
spelling words Wordsearch
Chameleon y
Chameleon y Airplane
daily routine
daily routine Gameshow quiz
Fact or Opinion
Fact or Opinion Maze chase
Colors Random wheel
Sólidos, líquidos y gases
Sólidos, líquidos y gases Group sort
Root words
Root words Find the match
Is this a sentence?
Is this a sentence? Whack-a-mole
Verbs Shades of Meaning
Verbs Shades of Meaning Group sort
Onomatopoeia True or false
Earth Materials
Earth Materials Image quiz
benjis wheel of characters 1
benjis wheel of characters 1 Random wheel
Number Wheel 51-100
Number Wheel 51-100 Random wheel
Question Wheel
Question Wheel Random wheel