2nd Grade Social Studies

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American Symbols
American Symbols Quiz
Feelings Scenarios
Feelings Scenarios Random wheel
Thanksgiving Would You Rather?
Thanksgiving Would You Rather? Open the box
Being Responsible
Being Responsible True or false
Who is Listening?
Who is Listening? Group sort
All About Communities
All About Communities Gameshow quiz
End of Year Reflection Questions
End of Year Reflection Questions Random wheel
Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges Missing word
Hygiene Group sort
Voice Level Game!!
Voice Level Game!! Gameshow quiz
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Missing word
Economics Vocabulary
Economics Vocabulary Match up
Derechos del niño
Derechos del niño Hangman
Medios de comunicación
Medios de comunicación Wordsearch
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman Missing word
Symbols of the United States of America
Symbols of the United States of America Open the box
Food and Farming(Activity)
Food and Farming(Activity) True or false
Where questions
Where questions Random wheel
Spelling word identification
Spelling word identification Random wheel
Goods and Services
Goods and Services Group sort
古中国 Balloon pop
Roda dos desafios
Roda dos desafios Random wheel
Señales de tránsito
Señales de tránsito Match up
Medios de transporte
Medios de transporte Image quiz
Lakeview Lions Raffle!!
Lakeview Lions Raffle!! Random wheel
Las catástrofes naturales
Las catástrofes naturales Gameshow quiz
Economics Test Review!
Economics Test Review! Match up
Emotions Random wheel
Pinocho Wordsearch
La selva peruana
La selva peruana Unjumble
Chavín de Huántar
Chavín de Huántar Unjumble
Safe or Unsafe
Safe or Unsafe Group sort
 A Map of Pakistan
A Map of Pakistan Labelled diagram
Ejemplos de la empatia
Ejemplos de la empatia Whack-a-mole
Wheel of Questions
Wheel of Questions Random wheel
La Sierra del Perú
La Sierra del Perú Wordsearch
Las culturas
Las culturas Group sort
What will you do scenarios
What will you do scenarios Open the box
Goods and services
Goods and services Match up
Tata Tertib Sekolah
Tata Tertib Sekolah Gameshow quiz
Social Studies Unit 1
Social Studies Unit 1 Match up
Wheel of Names
Wheel of Names Random wheel
Jobs - Resources Match
Jobs - Resources Match Matching pairs
The 3 Communities
The 3 Communities Open the box
Our Government Leaders
Our Government Leaders Categorize
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