9th Grade English

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Homophones Match up
Conflict Terminology
Conflict Terminology Maze chase
Games with ALL 40 Words
Games with ALL 40 Words Balloon pop
Passive Group sort
 Preterite of regular -ar verbs
Preterite of regular -ar verbs Find the match
Looking Back
Looking Back Hangman
Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Modal Auxiliary Verbs Whack-a-mole
Mother to Son
Mother to Son Group sort
Character Development
Character Development Group sort
Symbolism Gameshow quiz
School Personnel Extra Vocab
School Personnel Extra Vocab Missing word
Puns and Oxymorons
Puns and Oxymorons Group sort
Communication Style
Communication Style Group sort
Conville Auto & Astro
Conville Auto & Astro Match up
Nouns and Pronouns
Nouns and Pronouns Group sort
Stem's 2
Stem's 2 Match up
Vocabulary Quiz
Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Chapter 1 Vocabulary Match up
Pumpkin Festival Vocabulary Words
Pumpkin Festival Vocabulary Words Gameshow quiz
Act 3, Scene 1 Analysis
Act 3, Scene 1 Analysis Random cards
9th (S2) Vocab #1
9th (S2) Vocab #1 Balloon pop
End Punctuation
End Punctuation Gameshow quiz
Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio Open the box
Have you ever...?
Have you ever...? Gameshow quiz
Vocabulary Charts 1-20
Vocabulary Charts 1-20 Gameshow quiz
生词卡片 Random cards
Thank you, Ma'am
Thank you, Ma'am Match up
 Sentence Sort Activity
Sentence Sort Activity Group sort
Question Tag
Question Tag Find the match
Translation Random wheel
Build the Rubric
Build the Rubric Group sort
Body parts
Body parts Labelled diagram
Rules of the Game
Rules of the Game Random wheel
9B (S1) Vocab #4
9B (S1) Vocab #4 Match up
Unit 3 The Call of the Wild Review
Unit 3 The Call of the Wild Review Gameshow quiz
10 (S1) Vocab #2 (ALL 40 Wrds)
10 (S1) Vocab #2 (ALL 40 Wrds) Balloon pop
Theme vs. Central Idea
Theme vs. Central Idea Maze chase
the wheel of questions
the wheel of questions Random wheel
מילים חדשות
מילים חדשות Match up
S2_U7_Language Expansion
S2_U7_Language Expansion Find the match
#4 CDV_Unit 6_Vocab 1
#4 CDV_Unit 6_Vocab 1 Find the match
Literary Terms, Part 2
Literary Terms, Part 2 Match up
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