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Ic lesson 7 chinese

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Sounds of /AIR/
Sounds of /AIR/ Random wheel
IC lesson Lesson 1~2
IC lesson Lesson 1~2 Whack-a-mole
IC Lesson 15
IC Lesson 15 Find the match
IC Lesson 8-1
IC Lesson 8-1 Random wheel
IC Lesson 10-1
IC Lesson 10-1 Random wheel
Chinese 7
Chinese 7 Unjumble
IC Lesson 6 家人
IC Lesson 6 家人 Balloon pop
IC L1 国籍
IC L1 国籍 Quiz
 Inside the house (rooms) 房间
Inside the house (rooms) 房间 Labelled diagram
Talking About Weather
Talking About Weather Find the match
时间(Time) Random wheel
Chinese Greeting -T
Chinese Greeting -T Random wheel
颜色 Colors
颜色 Colors Find the match
Lesson 3 Greetings 问好
Lesson 3 Greetings 问好 Balloon pop
头脸 Head & Face
头脸 Head & Face Random wheel
数字 Find the match
IC L17 D1+D2
IC L17 D1+D2 Random cards
Colors in Chinese 颜色
Colors in Chinese 颜色 Random wheel
Lesson 9 characters
Lesson 9 characters Random wheel
ESCLesson 7 - text1
ESCLesson 7 - text1 Match up
lesson 9 房子
lesson 9 房子 Whack-a-mole
7/27 word search
7/27 word search Wordsearch
7-2-1 Match up