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Integrated chinese lesson 1

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IC lesson Lesson 1~2
IC lesson Lesson 1~2 Whack-a-mole
level 1 lesson 8
level 1 lesson 8 Missing word
Chinese 1
Chinese 1 Random wheel
Book 3 Lesson 1 Vocabulary
Book 3 Lesson 1 Vocabulary Match up
B class review lesson 1-10
B class review lesson 1-10 Open the box
 Inside the house (rooms) 房间
Inside the house (rooms) 房间 Labelled diagram
Talking About Weather
Talking About Weather Find the match
Lesson 1 Vocabulary
Lesson 1 Vocabulary Match up
时间(Time) Random wheel
Lesson 3 Greetings 问好
Lesson 3 Greetings 问好 Balloon pop
颜色 Colors
颜色 Colors Find the match
数字 Find the match
chinese review 1
chinese review 1 Random wheel
Colors in Chinese 颜色
Colors in Chinese 颜色 Random wheel
lesson 9 房子
lesson 9 房子 Whack-a-mole
Lesson 9 characters
Lesson 9 characters Random wheel
Lesson 19 Shopping 买东西
Lesson 19 Shopping 买东西 Gameshow quiz
Lesson 9 (use pingyin)
Lesson 9 (use pingyin) Crossword
Chinese 1
Chinese 1 Whack-a-mole
“穿”or“戴” Categorize
头脸 Head & Face
头脸 Head & Face Random wheel
Pronouns in Chinese
Pronouns in Chinese Group sort
Match the numbers 数字图片配对
Match the numbers 数字图片配对 Find the match
M5-Lesson 4
M5-Lesson 4 Match up
leisure and hobbies
leisure and hobbies Random wheel
Find the Vocabulary of FOOD_1
Find the Vocabulary of FOOD_1 Whack-a-mole
你从哪里来 Find the match
Lesson 2 Vocab
Lesson 2 Vocab Random cards
P4--Lesson 3 -- 英文
P4--Lesson 3 -- 英文 Match up