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/k/ and /g/ sort
/k/ and /g/ sort Group sort
/k/ and /g/ practice
/k/ and /g/ practice Random wheel
Noun Wheel
Noun Wheel Random wheel
Initial L Words
Initial L Words Matching pairs
Earth Day Vocabulary
Earth Day Vocabulary Find the match
Fall L and R Words
Fall L and R Words Random wheel
Winter Verbs
Winter Verbs Random wheel
Vocalic R: Air words
Vocalic R: Air words Random wheel
Who Questions
Who Questions Match up
Valentine's Day Vocabulary
Valentine's Day Vocabulary Find the match
Winter Vocabulary
Winter Vocabulary Find the match
Spring Verbs
Spring Verbs Random wheel
Spring Vocabulary
Spring Vocabulary Find the match
Unscramble the Words
Unscramble the Words Anagram
"Where" questions
"Where" questions Quiz
Spring Wh Questions
Spring Wh Questions Quiz
Valentines Wh Questions
Valentines Wh Questions Quiz
Summer Vocabulary
Summer Vocabulary Find the match
Sentences Unjumble
Picture Story for Writing
Picture Story for Writing Random wheel
Fall Wh Questions
Fall Wh Questions Quiz
Christmas R words (initial)
Christmas R words (initial) Random cards
Conversation Starters
Conversation Starters Random wheel
Vocalic ER words
Vocalic ER words Random cards
Summer WH questions
Summer WH questions Quiz
hard g and soft g
hard g and soft g Group sort
Sentence Writing Prompts
Sentence Writing Prompts Random wheel
K/G Open the box
Soft and Hard c and g
Soft and Hard c and g Group sort
k/g sort
k/g sort Group sort
Spin Draw Write 2
Spin Draw Write 2 Random wheel
Vocallic "or" words
Vocallic "or" words Random cards
Br Blends
Br Blends Random wheel
L Blends
L Blends Categorize
Christmas Th words
Christmas Th words Wordsearch
Surdo/Sonoro K/G
Surdo/Sonoro K/G Whack-a-mole
final /g/
final /g/ Random wheel
Christmas Wh Questions
Christmas Wh Questions Quiz
Soft g and hard g
Soft g and hard g Group sort
Picture match
Picture match Matching pairs
C or K
C or K Maze chase
Christmas L Words
Christmas L Words Random cards
Numeral & Quantity
Numeral & Quantity Find the match
Letter Jj
Letter Jj Whack-a-mole
soft g sentences
soft g sentences True or false
G and J sort
G and J sort Group sort
/a/ sounds
/a/ sounds Group sort
Hard-Soft c and g open the box sentences Recipe for Reading p. 167
Hard-Soft c and g open the box sentences Recipe for Reading p. 167 Open the box
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