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Hiragana 1 (a, k, s, t, n)
Hiragana 1 (a, k, s, t, n) Match up
たべもの カタカナ
たべもの カタカナ Match up
Dumb game
Dumb game Anagram
Untitl Random wheel
Katakana (a, k, s, t, n)
Katakana (a, k, s, t, n) Match up
njo Hangman
からだ Matching
からだ Matching Find the match
Random wheel
 abc  for toddles
abc for toddles Open the box
minecraft Quiz
Letter Jj
Letter Jj Whack-a-mole
rhyming words
rhyming words Quiz
CCK Fruit train game
CCK Fruit train game Balloon pop
Numbers, Chinese
Numbers, Chinese Balloon pop
Beginning Letter Sound
Beginning Letter Sound Random wheel
Rhyme Wheel
Rhyme Wheel Random wheel
Rhyming Open the box
十二生肖 Random cards
Noun Wheel
Noun Wheel Random wheel
2D Shape
2D Shape Open the box
Compound Words
Compound Words Find the match
Sight Word Kaboom Game
Sight Word Kaboom Game Random cards
Los meses del año
Los meses del año Crossword
头脸 Head & Face
头脸 Head & Face Random wheel
Real VS nonsense
Real VS nonsense Whack-a-mole
missing number yellow.2
missing number yellow.2 Find the match
Unscramble the Words
Unscramble the Words Anagram
Sound Cards
Sound Cards Random cards
Phonics Hunk & Chunk
Phonics Hunk & Chunk Find the match
Inferences/Problem Solving deck 3
Inferences/Problem Solving deck 3 Random cards
Kindergarten Sight Words
Kindergarten Sight Words Open the box
Kindergarten sight words
Kindergarten sight words Random wheel
R sound initial matching
R sound initial matching Matching pairs
Kindergarten Sight Words
Kindergarten Sight Words Matching pairs
Story Elements Sort
Story Elements Sort Group sort
Sight Word Wheel
Sight Word Wheel Random wheel
Who Questions
Who Questions Quiz
Rhyming Words
Rhyming Words Random wheel
颜色 Colors
颜色 Colors Find the match
Inferences- set 1
Inferences- set 1 Random cards
practice letters and sounds
practice letters and sounds Random wheel
Story Elements
Story Elements Random wheel
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