1) When did the story of Saint Valentine take place in history? a) 2000 years ago b) 1000 years ago c) 200 years ago 2) What did the soldiers want? a) They wanted to eat pizza b) They wanted to go swimming. c) They wanted to get married 3) What was the name of the Emperor of Rome? a) Claudius II b) Pol Padilla II c) Marina Oró II 4) Could the soldiers get married? a) Yes b) No 5) Who was Valentine? a) A fishmonger b) A bishop c) A butcher 6) What was the secret of Valentine? a) He  married soldiers against law b) He had 2 dogs c) He loved chocolate 7) What happened when the Emperor discovered Valentine's secret? a) Valentine received a present b) Valentine was very happy c) Valentine was arrested and put in prison 8) What did the girl do for Valentine? a) Bring food for Valentine b) Sing songs for Valentine c) Dance in prison with Valentine 9) What problem/disability did the girl have? a) She could not see b) She could not speak c) She could not listen 10) What miracle did Valentine do to the girl? a) He cured her ears b) He cured her legs c) He cured her eyes 11) When was Valentine executed? a) 14 February b) 15 February c) 16 February 12) What was his final message to the girl? a) From your Valentine b) Goodbye my love c) I love you so much

Saint Valentine's story!



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