1) Laura's ________ arrived home from work. a) just b) already c) yet 2) We've _________ seen this film twice. a) already b) yet c) just 3) Has Robert opened his presents ________? a) just b) already c) yet 4) He's ___________ turned on the TV. a) just b) already c) yet 5) they've games. three won already a) They've already won three games. b) They've won three games already 6) Have yet? her mother you met a) Have you met her mother yet? b) Have you yet met her mother? 7) our from back just holiday. got We've a) We've just got back from holiday. b) We've got back just from holiday. 8) already John I've today. spoken to a) I've already spoken to John. b) I've spoken to John already. 9) I yet. haven't classes Spanish started a) I haven't started Spanish classes yet. b) I haven't yet started Spanish classes.



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