delicious - Everything my parents make is absolutely __________, fork - It's almost impossible to eat spaghetti without a ________, knife - When I was little my parents wouldn't let me use the __________, but now that I'm older I can!, olives - Whenever we go to a cafe or bar the waiter gives us ____________ with our drinks!, pepper - Whenever I think the food is a little bland (sosa) I add ____________., piece - My favorite part about birthday parties is getting a ___________ of cake!, pizza - My parents let us order our favorite type of _____________ every Friday!, salt - Sometimes I add _________ to food to give it extra flavor!, spoon - The best way to eat soup is with a __________., bake - I love to ________ cookies and treats with my friends!, butter - ________ is a very important ingredient when baking!, cooker - A _________ is a very important kitchen appliance!, egg - One of the most important ingredients in making a Spanish omelette is the ___________., biscuits - My parents and I love to bake ___________ for parties!, snacks - Whenever we go to the park we bring __________ just in case we get hungry., flour - To bake a cake we need ____________!, honey - Whenever you're sick it's a good idea to eat some ___________ to help you feel better., jam - My friend's mom made some homemade ____________ from berries she picked in the forest., sugar - It's important not to eat too much ____________ or else you can get cavities!, wash up - Before and after cooking it's a good idea to _______________!,

Vocabulary Unit 9- Life Adventures 4th of Primary

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