1) She hasn't played in an orchestra performance ____ a) just b) yet c) already 2) The concert tickets _____ arrived yet. a) hasn't b) have c) haven't 3) Janet has ______ seen that film twice. a) already b) yet c) never 4) Emma has just _____ a letter from her friend in America. a) get b) getten c) got 5) ____ the teacher given homework yet? a) Does b) Has c) Have 6) We _______ the topic yet. We need to practice more. a) have finished b) haven't finished c) haven't finish 7) I don't want to do this work again. I have _____ done it. a) already b) yet c) never 8) _____ you ______ to your mother about the party yet? a) Has / talked b) Have / talked c) Have / talken 9) We have just _______ a cake! a) make b) maden c) made 10) I __________ so many pictures! a) has taken b) have took c) have taken

ACE 6 Unit 4 just already yet



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