1) When is St. Patrick's Day celebrated? a) 16th March b) 17th March c) 18th March 2) Where was Patrick born? a) Ireland b) England c) Wales 3) What was Patrick's religion? a) druid b) Christian c) he had no religion 4) Why did Patrick go to Ireland? (more than 1 answer can be correct) a) for a holiday b) to spread Christianity c) pirates took him and sold him into slavery d) because his family lived there 5) Why were druids angry? a) because Patrick didn't speak Irish b) because Patrick wanted people to change their religion c) because it was always raining in Ireland 6) What did Patrick say about the 3 leaves of shamrock? a) 3 leaves = family, love, friendship b) 3 leaves = father, mother, child c) 3 leaves = father, son, holy spirit 7) Are there any snakes in Ireland? a) yes, they love the grass b) no, Patrick drove them to the sea c) snakes are everywhere!



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