1) When is Saint Patrick’s day celebrated? a) Every 17 of March b) Every 4 years the 17 of March c) Every 17 of April d) Every 2 years the 17 of March e) Every 17 of February f) None of these is correct 2) What is the color of Saint Patrick’s day? a) Red b) Blue c) Green and White d) Green e) None of these answer is correct 3) What is at the end of the rainbow? a) A pot b) A pot of gold and silver c) A pot of gold d) A pot of money 4) Saint Patrick’s day is only celebrated in? a) Only in Ireland b) In the UK c) In USA d) None of these are correct e) All are right 5) What means Parade? a) Fiesta de Irlanda b) Cabalgata c) Noche tradicional d) Ninguna es correcta

Saint Patrick’s day Made by Adrian and Hugo J 🤡



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