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Adage - is a saying, Collaborate - work together on shared goal, Decree - a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record, Discordant - not in agreement or harmony, Excerpt - a passage selected from a larger work, Jostle - being bumped and pushed in a horde of people, Preclude - is to prevent something from happening, Rubble - pile of crumbled debris that's left over after something breaks or collapses, Wrangle - to take part in a long, angry, intense argument, Antics - is a prank to the extreme. It’s outrageous,, Banter - light teasing, Congested - means “clogged,” “overcrowded,” or “overfull., Durable - existing for a long time, Frugal - avoiding waste, Incognito - hiding your true identity., Legendary - taken on the nature of a legend, Audacious - given to venture or take risks, Comply - to act according to someone's wishes or rules., Incapacitate - to be unable to function normally,, Instigate - provoke or stir up,

5th grade unit 4 #1

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