1) What did you do yesterday? a) I am playing chess.  b) I play chess.  c) I played chess. 2) What do you do every day?  a) I cleaned my room.  b) I am cleaning my room.  c) I clean my room.  3) What are you doing now?  a) I brushed my teeth.  b) I am brushing my teeth.  c) I brush my teeth.  4) I _____ my mother yesterday.  a) am helping b) help c) helped 5) My father ____ eggs for breakfast yesterday.  a) have b) has c) had 6) I _______ volleyball yesterday.  a) play b) didn't played c) didn't play 7) What did he do yesterday?  a) He watched TV. b) He watches TV. c) He is watching TV. 8) What is he doing now?  a) He plays chess.  b) He is playing chess. c) He played chess.  9) Did you walk the dog yesterday? a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I did. c) Yes, I was. 10) What did you do yesterday? a) I studied English. b) I study English. 11) What do you do everyday?  a) I water the plants. b) I watered the plants.  c) I am watering the plants.  12) What are you doing now?  a) I am studying English.  b) I was studying English.  c) I studied English. 




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