1) ______________is my sister a) They b) He  c) She 2) My mum is__________ and thin. a) chubby  b) two c) short 3) Lucas and Luis__________ eleven years-old. a) have b) are c) is 4) __________ are my pets. a) She b) They c) He 5) Look! She is_______________ a) reading a book b) drawing c) watching TV. 6) A: What colour is it? B:__________________.  a) yellow b) red c) green 7) I __________ a pink pencil case. a) are b) am c) have 8) A: Where is Tomas? B: He is_______________. a) playing football b) reading c) writing 9) _________ are listening to music. a) He b) She c) They 10) He ______ my uncle. a) is b) are c) They

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