1) They ___________ to Cuba last year a) went b) have gone c) gone d) have went 2) _________ you ___________ a movie yesterday? a) have ______ watched.... b) did ________ watched... c) did _________ watch..... d) have ________ watch..... 3) I _________________ to Cuba this year. a) went b) have been c) have went d) gone 4) She _____________ a book this morning. a) read b) reads c) have read d) has read 5) We ______________ to the movies last night. a) went b) have gone c) has gone d) gone 6) Bill _____already_______ the movie three times. a) has seen b) have seen c) saw d) seen 7) ____________ you ever __________ a professional football game? a) did _____________ seen...... b) did ______________ see.... c) have ___________ seen ........ d) have ______________ see 8) - Yesterday I went to a football game.  - ___________ you _________ it? a) have __________ enjoyed.... b) did _________ enjoyed..... c) did __________ enjoy ..... d) have ________ enjoy..... 9) Last year she ____________ a lot a) works b) have worked c) worked d) has worked 10) ___________ she ever ___________ snails? a) have ____________ eaten..... b) has _____________ eaten.... c) did _____________ eaten... d) did _________ eat....

Present Perfect vs Past Simple



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