1) When is the new dictionary supposed ____ published? a) to be b) being c) been 2) The printing press ____ in Germany around 1440. a) invented b) was invented c) had invented 3) Some authors object to ____ what to do by their editors. a) be telling b) being told c) been told 4) ____ ssuggested that reading helps to improve memory. a) Was b) It being c) It has been 5) The old bookshop in the centre of the town was destroyed ____ fire. a) by b) in c) of 6) Her first novel was described ____ a modern masterpiece by critics. a) as b) in c) that 7) The paper that ancient writers used was made ____ papyrus. a) by b) of c) with 8) All of the books on the shelves were coverd ____ dust. a) from b) to c) by

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