1) _________ do you spell your name? a) How b) What c) Where 2) This is Luka. ___________ from Italy. a) They are b) He is c) She is 3) _________ Susan and James from Ireland? a) They are b) Is c) Are  4) The students ________ American. a) they are b) are from c) are 5) __________ from Mexico? Yes, we are. a) Are they b) Is he c) Are you 6) _________ a member of the drama club? a) Is she b) She is c) She isn't 7) Are the boys in the classroom? a) No, he isn't. b) No, they aren't. c) Yes, he is. 8) Who's he? a) He's Tom. b) She's Lucy. c) I'm Louisa. 9) Hi! How are you today? a) I'm fine, thanks. b) I'm 12. c) Good afternoon. 10) I'm Emily and this is _________friend Kim. a) her b) my c) your




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