1) I ___ on holiday last week. a) is b) was c) were 2) Dad ___ at work yesterday evening. He works in a hotel. a) are b) were c) was 3) We ___ to Italy for three weeks last summer. a) went b) go c) are going 4) My grandparents ___ us for my birthday party yesterday. a) visits b) visit c) visited 5) Now it isn't cold in the room because I ___ the window a few minutes ago. a) close b) closed c) are closing 6) He ___ for eight hours last night. a) slept b) sleeped c) sleeps 7) We ___ in the sea an hour ago. a) swim b) swam c) swimed 8) I ___ the door five minutes ago. a) is locking b) lock c) locked

Go Getter (3) 3.2_Past Simple



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