1) Tamsin and Jake __________ a) aren't fit enough b) aren't too fit c) don't are fit enough 2) We can’t stand up in this swimming pool. a) It's deep enough b) It's too deep c) It isn't too deep 3) My painting isn’t _______ to be in an exhibition a) too good b) good enough c) enough good 4) Mo Farah runs very fast. a) He runs fast enough to be in the next Olympics. b) He run too fast to be in the next Olympics. c) He runs enough fast to be in the next Olympics. 5) I can’t do my homework now. a) I'm enough tired to do it b) I'm not too tired to do it c) I'm too tired to do it 6) The air isn’t clean ________ a) too much b) too many c) enough  d) too 7) There is ________pollution from cars. a) too many b) too c) too much d) enough 8) There are ________buses in my opinion. a) too many b) too c) too much  d) enough 9) I don’t know_________who cycles to school. a) someone b) no one c) anyone 10) Your garden is very pretty. There are flowers________ a) somewhere b) everywhere c) nowhere  11) I want to buy this T-shit, but it’s a small s__________. a) size b) speed 12) How f_________is it from London to Brighton? a) fast b) far

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