1) Matt Damon _______ an American actor. a) is b) was c) has been 2) He __________ in 1970 in Massachusetts. a) has been born b) born c) was born d) is born e) borned 3) His father ______________ a) works in politics. b) works in finance c) worked in politics d) worked in finance 4) His mother ______________________ a) is a teacher b) was a professor c) was a teacher d) has been a professer 5) His parents __________ when he was two years old. a) have divorced b) divorced c) divorce 6) He _________________________________ a) went to Oxford University b) has gone to Harvard University c) went to Harvard University d) has gone to Oxford University 7) He ____________ a film with his friend at University a) wrote b) has written c) writes 8) He ____________ in over 70 movies. a) appeared b) appears c) has appeared 9) In 2015 he ______________ a Golden Globe for _________________ a) has won/The Bourne Identity b) won/The Bourne Identity c) has won/The Martian d) won/The Martian 10) He ____________ to Luciana Barroso since 2015 a) was married b) is married c) has been married

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