5.2 (hint: what are we?), 5.2 (hint: _________ as a mouse), 5.2, 5.2 (Do you want to build a snowman?), 5.2 (hint: it's really loud!), 5.2 (hint: it's what volcanoes do!), 5.2 (hint: these towers are found on farms and store grain), 5.2 (hint: if you are traveling, you may sleep in a ___), 5.2B (hint: this angel's name), 5.2B (hint: what type of vehicle is this?), 5.2B (hint: what type of snake is this?), 5.2 (hint: this isn't a crow), 5.4 (hint: what is happening here?), 5.4, 5.4 (hint: what type of suit is he wearing?), 5.4 (hint: in a ___ far, far away...), 5.4 , 5.4, 5.3 (hint: what is this screen called in Fortnite?), 5.3 (hint: not rabbit), 5.3, 5.3 (hint: Garfield is being ___), 5.3 , 5.3.

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