1) We were watching TV when the lights went off because a) we were eating in front of the TV b) we went shopping c) we didn´t pay the electricity bill d) the movie was really bad 2) Which is faster than sound? a) Wind b) Light c) Cheetah d) A Jet plane 3) I LIKE BIRDS BECAUSE a) IT CAN FLY b) IT CAN TO FLY c) THEY ARE ABLE TO FLY d) THEY BE ABLE TO FLY 4) WHICH OF THESE IS FLUFFY? a) Sword b) Salt c) Onion d) Compass e) Cotton 5) What would you be if you... a) can be an animal? b) were an animal? c) be an animal? d) be able to be an animal? 6) Make a conditional sentence with the past tense of CAN a) CANNED b) CULD c) COULD d) COLD e) BE ABLE TO 7) Which sentence can you complete with the word SPILT? a) ... water b) ... pizza c) ... light d) ... call 8) What´s this? a TRAFFIC... a) COAL b) RAW c) JAM d) RAVEN e) POPPY 9) Which is incorrect? a) as red as blood b) as black as raven c) as pretty as a flower d) as hot as hell e) as fierce as a lion 10) I would be a bird... a) if I was an animal b) if I be an animal c) if I were an animal d) if I can be an animal 11) Which is incorrect? a) Tom is able to run fast b) Tom can run fast c) Tom can`t run fast d) Tom is able to can run fast e) Tom isn`t able to run fast f) Tom is a slow runner 12) Which is incorrect? a) If you heat ice, it melts b) If you heat ice, it will melt c) If you heat ice, melts d) If you heat ice, you will be able to melt it 13) When he studies... a) he usually listens music b) he needs silence c) he concentrate hard d) he doesn`t listens to music 14) A cheetah is... a) slower than all the animals b) slower than the light c) the fastest animal d) as fast as light e) the most fast animal 15) Which is incorrect? a) Stone is harder than coal b) Stone is as hard as the coal c) Coal isn`t as hard as stone



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