Why does Stanley hate the sun?, Why do you think XRay asked Stanley to give him whatever he finds while digging ?, Why is it so important for Stanley to have a good relationship with Xray?, Why is Xray the leader of the group even though he is so small?, Why did Stanley like his nickname so much?, Do you think the kids really like and accept Stnley in the group? Justify your answer., Stanley felt he belonged to the group. What did he imagine his friends doing at school?, Xray keeps on telling Stanley that the next hole is the worst. What does he mean to say?, Mr Pendanski gives a motivational speech to the kids about their future. What does he tell them?, What attitude does Xray seem to have during Mr Pendanski's speech?, What does Mr Peandanski mean to say when he says:"Well, somebody hast to train monkeys"?, Mr Pendanski tells the kids they should take responsibility for their mistakes. Do you agree with his? why?, Why is Zero sarcastic?. , Describe Mom's reaction at Zero's sarcasm.

Holes chapter 10 to 12



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