1) The pieces of the Earth's crust __________. a) erupt b) flies c) move d) fly e) moves f) don't move 2) Volcanoes __________. a) don't erupt b) move c) doesn't exist d) erupt e) moves f) erupts 3) Hot rock __________ out of a volcano erupting. a) erupts b) flies c) doesn't move d) make e) don't fly f) erupt 4) Volcanoes under the ocean sometimes __________ new islands. a) melt b) pour c) makes d) don't erupt e) doesn't erupt f) make 5) The water in the oceans __________. a) doesn't move b) erupts c) don't move d) swims e) moves f) lands 6) Where the ocean is cold, we __________ a coral reef. a) don't find b) find c) finds d) doesn't find e) not find f) do find 7) Many amazing animals __________ in a coral reef. a) lives b) comes out c) don't live d) live e) don't come f) doesn't live 8) __________ rivers usually begin as streams in mountains? a) Does b) Are c) Do d) Is e) They f) Yes 9) When the ground under a river is soft, the river __________ valleys. a) sees b) hit c) make d) falls e) pours f) makes 10) The River Amazon __________ in Brazil. a) doesn't go b) don't begin c) begins d) don't finish e) doesn't begin f) begin

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