1) Where were the friends? a) In a house b) In a flat c) In a castle 2) Where was the castle? a) England b) Scotland c) Ireland 3) Now, the castle is ... a) a hotel b) a restaurant c) bed and breakfast 4) Who was Lord McCoy? a) The Castle's farmer b) The Castle's owner c) The Castle's buttler 5) Where did the Lord die? a) In the kitchen b) In the living room c) In the bedroom 6) What is a kilt? a) a scottish belt b) a scottish shirt c) a scottish skirt 7) What is it? a) a sword b) a spade c) an axe 8) How many wives did he have? a) two b) four c) three 9) Who slept in Lord McCoy's room? a) Gordon b) Duncan c) Fiona d) Heather 10) What was there in the room? a) There were a big old bed, two chairs and a desk b) There were two big old beds c) There were a big old bed and a chair d) There were a big old bed and two chairs 11) Who is going to be Lord McCoy's ghost? a) Heather b) Duncan c) Fiona 12) Lord McCoy' ghost had a .... a) spade in his hands b) bate in his hands c) knife in his hands d) a sword in his hands 13) The picture on the wall was different, How? a) Lord McCoy was with other kilt. b) There was a happy smile in his face and had a rabbit in his hands c) There was a white smile in his face and had the sword in his hand.

The Real McCoy and Other Ghost Stories - The Real McCoy

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