1) Some years ago I __________ speak English. Now I speak it fluently a) can't b) couldn't c) had to d) didn't have to 2) I ____________________ study hard yesterday because I had an exam a) had to b) could c) didn't have to d) have to 3) Diana _______________ come early. She missed the bus. a) can't b) didn't have to c) could d) couldn't 4) I ____________ play the guitar when I was six years old. a) have to b) don't have to c) could d) can't 5) Sarah _________________ to work until 7 o’clock because her boss asked her. a) had b) can't c) could d) have 6) _____________ Jerry _______________ to play the guitar in the concert last week? a) Does / have b) Did / have c) Do/ have d) Did/ had 7) My father _________work in China for two years because the company posted him there a) didn't have to b) couldn't c) can't d) had to 8) Paul ________ play football very well, he is a professional football player a) can b) couldn't c) had to d) didn't have to 9) We_________ buy any sofa for the house because my mum gave us one. a) could b) didn't have to c) had to d) can't 10) He was tired last night but he __________ sleep because the neighbours were giving a party a) had to b) has to c) could d) couldn't 11) Sarah is in the running team and she _________ train hard for next week competition a) has to b) didn't have c) could d) can 12) My eyes weren't so good so I __________ wear reading glasses a) couldn't b) didn't have to c) had to d) could

Can/ have to/ could/ had to

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