1) Elsa runs runs down the mountain when she is angry. a) TRUE b) FALSE 2) She is the villian in Monsters INC. a) True b) False 3) How many TOY STORY films are there? a) One b) Three c) Four 4) What animal is Reny in Ratatouille? a) A rat b) A rabbit 5) What animal is Merida's mother in Brave? a) A wolf b) A lion c) A bear 6) What colour is Cruz in Cars II? a) Blue b) Yellow c) Black 7) Where is Moana from? a) Hawaii b) Jamaica c) Mexico 8) What is Judy Hopps' job in Zootropolis? a) She's a detective b) She's a thief c) She's a police officer 9) Who wants the moon? a) Gru b) Zurg c) Maleficent 10) What colour is Nemo? a) Orange b) Blue c) Red

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