1) The Antarctic blue whale is the ____________________animal on the planet. a) big b) bigger c) biggest 2) Lions are _____________________than turtles a) fast b) faster c) fastest 3) Voldemort is _________________ than Harry. a) strong b) stronger c) strongest 4) Russia is the ___________________country in the world. a) large b) larger c) largest 5) Pygmy marmosets are the _________________ monkeys on Earth a) small b) smaller c) smallest 6) Mount Everest is the ______________ mountain. a) high b) higher c) highest 7) Neville is _________________ than Harry Potter. a) tall b) more tall c) taller 8) The Snitch is the __________________________ ball. a) fast b) more fast c) fastest 9) Hermione is the ___________________ witch on Earth! a) good b) gooder c) best d) better 10) Ron is ______________ than Ginny. a) old b) older c) more old

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