1) __________ do people realise how serious global warming has become. a) Only b) Not only c) Little 2) __________ before had we seen such committed young activists. a) Never b) Rarely c) Hardly 3) __________ do people make such selfless decisions to help others. a) Not only b) Seldom c) No sooner 4) __________ when they saw the damage did they realise what had happened. a) Hardly b) Little c) Only 5) __________ can you help, but you can let others know about the issue too. a) Not only b) Only c) Little 6) __________ had they left the area to find safety when the hurricane hit. a) Only b) Hardly c) Never 7) __________ will you meet such a truly inspirational young person. a) Hardly b) Not only c) Rarely 8) __________ had the money been raised than it was sent to the flood victims. a) Not only b) No sooner c) Never

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