1) ....... name is Lisa. I'm a teacher. a) Her b) My c) Your 2) Mary is 25. ............ mother, Josefina, is 50. a) Her b) His c) Your 3) Chris has a brother. __________ name's Liam. a) His b) Their c) Your 4) Alberto Fernández is __________ president now. a) your b) their c) our 5) It is an elephant. __________ nose is long. a) His b) It's c) Its 6) Juana and Nacho Viale are brother and sister. __________ mother is Marcela Tinayre. a) Our b) Their c) Her 7) Messi is one of the best football players. ___________ nickname is "la pulga". a) He's b) Your c) His 8) You're good students. ____________ language school is Victorino de la Plaza N° 5086 a) My b) Your c) You're 9) Mirtha Legrand is very famous. ________ real name is Rosa María Juana Martínez Suárez. a) Her b) Their c) Your 10) The Simpsons are American and this is ______ house. a) his b) their c) our

Possessive adjectives - Intensive English

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