1) How do you spell your surname? 2) what is your email address? 3) what do you do? do you like your job? 4) why are you learning English? 5) do you live in a house or flat? can you describe it? 6) do you prefer tea or coffee? why? 7) do you prefer summer or winter? why? 8) do you prefer swimming in the sea or in a pool? why? 9) do you prefer Saturdays or Sundays? why? 10) what time is it now? 11) when is your birthday? how do you usually celebrate it? 12) what is your favourite month? why? 13) where and when were you born? 14) what were you doing at 4.30pm yesterday? 15) what were you doing at 10pm yesterday? 16) what were you doing at 8am today? 17) what time do you usually get up during the week and at the weekend? 18) what do you usually do at the weekend? 19) how often do you listen/use English outside the class? 20) how often do you have dinner with friends? 21) how much free time do you have? do you have any hobby? 22) what do you do when you want to relax? 23) what did you do last night? 24) what did you have for lunch/dinner? 25) what kind of music do you like? when do you listen to music? 26) what book/series are you reading/watching at the moment? 27) what are you wearing? 28) what´s the weather like today? what was the weather like yesterday? 29) what are your plans for the holidays? 30) would you like to travel abroad? where would you like to travel? 31) what did you do yesterday? 32) what did you do last summer?


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