1) What's your surname? 2) Where do you live? 3) What do you do? 4) Who do you work for? 5) Where is IMR head office? 6) How many departments does IMR have? 7) How old are you? 8) Do you speak Japanese? 9) What's your favourite series? 10) What do you like doing? 11) Do you have any hobbies? 12) Where do you come from? 13) What's your name? 14) What's your address? 15) What's your phone number? 16) What's your favourite food/ drink? 17) Do you go to the gym every day? 18) Do you have any children? 19) How many members are there in your family? 20) Is your house big? 21) Are you happy today? 22) Do you like cakes? 23) Do you have a pet? (cat/ dog) 24) What's your favourite day of the week?

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