Businesses want to do this . To earn a living. One reason why we work. , To adapt things. To transform things. To change things., To cause injury. To cause harm. To cause destruction., To establish an agreement. To negotiate something. To come to an agreement. , To give respect . To pay attention to something. To believe sb's opinion is important. , An action that is not right. The opposite of correct. To make a mistake., To exploit someone or something. To be unfair to someone. To use someone or something to get what you want. , When people come to an understanding. To make a promise to a person. When there is an agreement between people. , To become the person who has responsibility. To be in charge of something. To become the boss of something., To carry out responsibilities that are significant. To do something essential. To do an important task. , To assume something is true. To believe something without thinking. To not ask any questions about something. , To carry out every necessary action. To make a big effort. To try everything possible you can..

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