1) How many times do you ____ your friends in a day? a) 20 or more. b) Between 10 and 20. I sometimes ____ emails too. c) Between 0 and 10. We usually ____ on the phone. 2) Is it a good idea for kids to use phones at school? a) Yes. You can ____ selfies with your friends! b) Sometimes. You can ____ the Internet. c) No. You don’t listen to your teacher. 3) How ____ time do you spend on your phone every day? a) 5–10 hours. b) 2–5 hours. c) 1–2 hours. 4) What do you do before you go to bed? a) I ____ online or play computer games. b) I ____ songs and listen to music. c) I read a magazine or a book.

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